Join the movement. Commit to being The Better Man. Better Men who are guided by the principles of our ritual and our core values. Delta Sigs are Men of Courage, Men of Action, and Men of Excellence.


Delta Sigma Phi strives to ever convince the world of the sincerity of our purpose through a mission of Building Better Men. Our brotherhood inspires each member to be better versions of themselves and positively impact the world through their actions and influence—we challenge our men to be atypical, to break the mold, to be a beacon of strength for humanity. Delta Sigs everywhere are exhibiting the Courage to Dare, the Poise to Act and a Commitment to Excel.

Men of Courage

The Better Man is a values-based leader, striving to meet the challenges of modern civilization through innovative solutions with a purpose founded in our core values of Culture, Harmony and Friendship.  He is not afraid to challenge the status quo and is respected for his integrity, character and poise in his values. Adversity and challenge are no barriers to his success. Though his charge at times may be unpopular, he is sustained by his conviction, enlightenment and belief in the universal brotherhood of man.  The Better Man is a Man of Courage, defined by:

  • An unwavering courage to dare and to be bold in his actions, even in the face of adversity
  • Principled Leadership
  • Embracing innovative change and advancement
  • A resolute conviction in his ideals, values and purpose, undeterred by his harshest critics or toughest challenges
  • Standing as a pillar of strength for his fellow man, providing strong counsel, mentoring and advocacy

Men of Action

The Better Man is committed to improving the human condition with principle and sincerity.  He does not resign himself to await the actions of others; when he sees a person in need, an injustice at hand or an opportunity to improve the world around him, he stands up and lends a hand.  When others may falter or fade, he has the poise to act. The Better Man is a Man of Action, defined by:

  • Commitment to service
  • Generosity
  • Being supportive, helpful and ready to assist those in need
  • Devotion to bringing others peace and goodwill
  • Uniting his efforts in the Fraternity with the needs of society
  • Poise and self-control to act prudently, timely and with even temper

Men of Excellence

The Better Man strives for excellence in all areas of his life.  He is recognized for his constant self-development and pursuit of total perfection (individually and collectively). He is committed to a lifelong experience of improving society, seeking wisdom, culture, enlightenment and truth, and exemplifying the ideals and core values of Delta Sigma Phi. The Better Man is a Man of Excellence, defined by:

  • A tireless pursuit of knowledge, truth and intellectual development
  • His commitment to scholarship and outstanding academic success
  • Living with decency and integrity in every aspect of his life
  • His symmetrical development of mind, body and soul
  • His steadfast loyalty, selfless character and unfailing generosity
  • A dedication to high standards of moral conduct
  • Exhibiting the character and composure necessary to faithfully represent the ideals and values of Delta Sigma Phi in every action he takes, at all times in his life, to ever convince the world of the sincerity of our purpose


December 10, 1899
City College of New York
New York City, New York


Building Better Men


Better Men. Better Lives.

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